The City of Xi’an (lit, “Western Peace”) is located south- west of Beijing, two hours by flight. Home to the renowned Terracotta Warriors and the impressive Bell Tower. Xi’an was China’s capital in ancient times and was its trading and military base during the Tang Dynasty in the early 7th Century. It was also the starting point for many a traveler on the Silk Route made famous by the early adventurer Marco Polo.

1 Airport
1.1 By Airport Bus
Take the Airport Bus East Second Ring Jianguo Hotel Line and get off at the East Second Ring Jianguo Hotel Station.
The guide to the airport bus ride:
Place of purchase:
  T2, the 1 floor (arrival level), the airport bus ticket office.
  T3 terminal complex transport hub (GTC) hall, 1 tier central airport bus ticket office.
  1 floor (arrival layer) outdoor check ticket for T2 terminal
  T3 airport terminal, comprehensive transport hub (GTC) hall, the 1 level, the south side, "airport bus ticket area", ticket check.
East Second Ring building hotel line
Xi'an city line (25 yuan for unified ticket price)
Departure interval About 40 minutes. Running time About 80 minutes
Airport departure First class :8:00 to end :20:00. Downtown First class :6:40 - end:20:40.
Line Near East Jianguo Hotel - Fengcheng seven road (high city square / Administrative Center) - Xianyang Airport
Note: Seven: the first time Fengcheng 07:10, the last 21:10
1.2 By Taxi
Take the airport taxi, get on at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, and get off at the East Second Ring Jianguo Hotel Station.
Time: 53 minutes
Cost: 107 RMB (16 USD)

2 High-speed Rail Way Station
2.1 By Subway
Take the subway, take the subway line 2 at the North Railway Station, change to the subway line 3 at the station of Xiaozhai Station, get off at Changle Park Station, and walk to the hotel.
Time: 1 hour
First bus: 6:10 Last bus: 23:00
2.2 By Taxi
Take the taxi, get on at Xi'an North Railway Station and get off at Xi'an Jianguo Hotel.
Time: 55 minutes
Cost: 60 RMB (9 USD)

3 Xi’an Railway Station
3.1 By Bus
Take the bus, get on at the bus station of the railway station, get off at the Xingqing Road mutual help intersection, and walk to the hotel.
Time: 54 minutes
First bus: 6:00 Last bus: 24:00
3.2 By taxi
Take the taxi, get off at Xi'an Station, and get off at Xi'an Jianguo Hotel.
Time: 20 minutes
Cost: 22 RMB(3-4 USD)
Information Card to Xi’an Jianguo Hotel
You can show following hotel information to the taxi driver:
(Please send me to the Xi’an Jianguo Hotel, No.2 Huzhu Road, Beilin, Xi’an)

1 机场出发:
用时: 1小时19分钟
票价: 25
首班车:8:00 末班车:20:00
用时: 53分钟
费用: 107元

2 高铁出发:
用时: 1小时
首班车:6:10 末班车:23:00
用时: 55分钟
费用: 60元

3 火车出发:
用时: 54分钟
首班车:6:00 末班车:24:00
用时: 20分钟
费用: 22元
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